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  • Lema'an Achai fulfills all the halachik requirements for ma'aser kesafim (traditional 10% of income donated to charity). 
  • Lema'an Achai is approved under Section 46 of the Israeli tax code, enabling donors to obtain income tax refunds.
  • Lema'an Achai is recognized by the industry-leading charity evaluator, Charity Navigator.
  • Donations from the United States, Canada and England are also tax deductible.


Letters of Approbation

  • Dr. Aliza Bloch, Mayor of Bet Shemesh

  • Rav Vargon

  • Eliezer Shankolevsky

  • Rabbi Avishai David

  • Rav Shapira

  • Rav Chaim Soleveichik

  • Rav Gold

  • Minister of Social Affairs & Social Services (English)

  • Minister of Social Affairs & Social Services (Hebrew)