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Financial Training

The great Balancing Act – how to balance your budget.

In order to help hard working families stay out of debt, Lema'an Achai offers financial counseling and educational seminars to the general public. Our one-on-one counseling enables a family to analyze, pick and determine their priorities. We guide them to make choices- sometimes tough choices- but ones that will help them both in the short and long term. Financial educational seminars are designed to help the community at large with wise money management.

Not much to add to the words of a satisfied client:

"When we heard that Lemaan Achai was giving a workshop on financial management, we decided to attend.  We have been trying to get out of overdraft for a while with no apparent success.  We thought that perhaps the seminar would offer some useful tools.
The ideas presented by Matti Wiesner seemed simple to understand with a potential for a powerful impact.
We decided to meet with Matti after the seminar.  We had a number of meetings and gradually we are coming to understand our financial situation and how to improve it. 
One of the best parts is that Matti understands that the process is not just about numbers.  It is also about how you think and how you work with your resources.  He was able to listen in a completely non-judgmental way and help set us onto a path of positive change.
We are very appreciative to both Matti and Lemaan Achai for this very important service which they provide to the community."
E. M.


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