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Success Stories

Since Lema'an Achai's inception we are proud of the thousands of families we have helped in their journey to self-sufficiency. Here are but a few examples:

The Cohens from Netivot

From Netivot to Beit Shemesh

The Abitbols from Ashkelon

From Wandering and Despair to Hope

The Alkalasi Family


Mordechai & Yehudit

The family factory burned down and that's when the trouble began...

Eliyahu & Aliza

My son's life was on the verge of destruction...

Zvia Waldman

An empowering process of financial counseling and employment counseling

Isaac Gonzalez

'Lema’an Achai' - you are a bunch of angels

Ronen Dashevsky

Lema’an Achai believed in us and helped in every way

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