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Success Stories

Since Lema'an Achai's inception we are proud of the thousands of families we have helped in their journey to self-sufficiency. Here are but a few examples:

  • Tanya


    Tanya was a divorced mother of three when she came to Lema'an Achai for help. Her financial situation was deteriorating and she was confused and unsure what to do. She had a paramedical education, but the fact that she had no certification or professional experience was seriously limiting her earning potential. Lema'an Achai funded an accelerated certification course which she otherwise could not afford, as well as providing her family with urgent material needs – glasses, medications, tutoring, and after-school programs. She successfully completed her certification course and is now a sought-after practitioner.

  • Young Family Overcoming Challenges


    Background: Couple in their 30s with 2 children. The husband towards the end of a bachelor's degree program. The wife was studying toward a certificate in a design profession and doing administrative work in a small business. Living on meager scholarships, they were struggling to make ends meet and accumulating debts. There were also significant tensions with their families of origin and between both families. Treatment: Financial counseling focused on debt-reduction and learning to manage a limited budget. They received professional counseling and emotional support, vocational guidance and preparation for job interviews, and eight months of financial assistance. Conclusion: He graduated and found a job in his profession. She is finishing her course in the coming months and has begun to look for work. They are no longer in need of financial assistance and have significantly reduced their debt ... Show More

  • Rivki


    Rivki was a divorced mother of 3 when she came to Lema'an Achai. She had a paramedical education but no certification or professional experience to back it up. She was just scraping by with a menial labor job, and needed our support for all of the "extras" like glasses, medications, legal aid, and kids' school supplies. She completed an occupational rehabilitation program, and we funded an accelerated certification course for her while she worked half-time. She was very successful and has become a sought after practitioner.

  • "The Cohens"


    The "Cohen" family was desperate when they came to us. A young couple with 4 beautiful children, they had lost all their money and were six-figures in debt from a business idea gone wrong. They arrived in Beit Shemesh with nowhere else to go. Relatives agreed to take them in, and suggested they contact Lema'an Achai for assistance. The first order of business was attending to the financial fallout. The Cohens met with Shlomo, our highly experienced financial and business advisor who helped them negotiate a comfortable repayment schedule. Shlomo's frank feedback and clear guidance also helped them come to terms with the fact that their business idea, while heartfelt and earnest, was not a good investment plan. Instead, they were advised to stick with ... Show More

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