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Dental Clinic

Mommy, mommy, my tooth hurts!

Household budgets already stretched to the maximum often don't allow for dental care. Regular oral care, however, is important for self-esteem and overall health.

Israeli national health insurance covers dental treatments through age 18. After age 18 people who can’t afford private dental insurance are on their own— facing exorbitant dental care expenses when problems arise. Such expenses can set an already struggling family on a course to financial peril. Our five dental clinics aim to protect clients from such risks, providing those in need with the highest-quality professional services by fully-licensed dentists. No one should have to choose between buying bread and critical dental treatment.

In the summer of 2014, Lema'an Achai opened a new clinic in Sderot to help alleviate some of the pain inflicted on the residents of the south.   

Lema'an Achai Dental Clinics provide over 5,000 free dental treatments annually.

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