Free Dental Clinics

So clients won't have to choose between paying bills and dental health.

Adult dental care is not fully covered by health insurance and most  will postpone treatment, in an effort to prioritize the basics. This means minor problems escalate, and addressing them later can spiral into financial disaster. 

Poor oral care affects physical health and self-esteem, damaging the confidence and interview-readiness for our job-seeking clients. 

Lema’an Achai established the dental clinic project so our clients won't choose between paying essential bills and maintaining optimal health. 

Our two dental clinics, in Beit Shemesh and Sderot, serve over 1,500 people annually with the highest quality professional services by fully licensed salaried and volunteer dentists free of charge (aside from x-ray costs). 

The clinics service Lema’an Achai clients and needy people referred by the City of Sderot social welfare service with standard urgent care as well as root canals, oral surgery, periodontics, and orthodontics as needed.


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