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The Hersh and Yitta Leventhal A"H Fund

A special fund to further the ideals of Smart Chesed, in memory of this couple who were dedicated to helping others.

Hersh and Yitta Leventhal, A”H, the parents of our Executive Director, Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal, were unique personalities who made a profound impression on all who met them. Hersh was a dedicated volunteer of Lema'an Achai and other organizations. Yitta possessed a sharp wit, infectious smile and positive attitude that were complimented by a sense of humor that inspired others in so many ways. Even grave illness was no match for her love of life and seeing only the good in everything and everyone.

Hersh and Yitta were the inspiration and motivation for Rabbi Leventhal to be involved in helping others.

There devotion to her family, to HaShem, to Israel and helping others is legendary. Hersh was a dedciated volunteer even after being confined to a wheelchair. Yitta was innovative in helping others in a manner that preserved their dignity while realizing their potential.

To honor the memory of this special couple, the family and friends of  Hersh Tzvi ben Yehuda Leib HaLevi and Yitta Bas Binyomin Leventhal, Z”L, have established the Hersh and Yitta Leventhal Special Projects Fund to further the ideals of Smart Chesed.


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