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No one tells the story of Lema'an Achai better than our (former) client/families

Chanukkah carnival

we absolutely LOVED the carnival in reishit, it was so fantastic and enjoyable and was just a massively positive and fun and well organized day, we all had a blast and was really really amazing.. we also loved the present we got from lmaan achai, ha we have played the little card game we got so many times, i feel like sometimes we get a new game and its not so great but this the kids really love and we play it a ton

Truly Freeing

Hi Vardit.  Was your chag nice?  Did you get to enjoy some outdoor time?  

Ours was great!  We spent lots of outdoor time, child-friendly time, and relaxing time.

I have to say,

The gifts Lema'an Achai gives before Pesach are truly freeing.

We knew exactly how much we had to spend, and where to go; the cheshbon did not have to include grape juice or matzah; and we got to decide exactly what we did and did not need based on this. For next year we plan to do the exact same thing--set a budget, start setting aside that money now, for the next 11 months, and limit ourselves to that amount.  We daven every day to be on the giving end very soon, and definitely before Pesach!

Handyman Service

Thank you so much to Lema'an Achai for sending a plumber for a simple problem. If I would have had to pay 320nis for a 10 min job that would have been very frustrating.

Having fell on hard personal and professional times, finances have not been easy. Thank you for allowing our home to run with dignity with a running working kitchen.

More so, we are renters and the landlord refused to pay for the bill of the plumber even though most plumbers agree the issue was typical wear and tear of an apartment which is supposed to be covered by leasor according to the lease. However thanks to Lema'an Achai, I could avoid an uncomfortable conflict with my landlord.

Chanukah 2 for 1 Project

Dear Vardit, I wanted to give you a huge thanks for the very special chanukah gift!!! We have never had professional family photos taken and we didn't even get any casual family photos with all of us at the baby's bris. This meant so much to me! We have no family photos hanging up in our house and it's really not something that I could imagine we would've been able to do any time in the near future. The photo shoot was the best gift!!! Chaya was a wonderful photographer and did such a great job! She was also so friendly and kind and my kids had so much fun! Thank you again!!! Wow, Vardit, I am blown away by this generous gift! I can't even tell you how bashert it is; I was ... Show More

Sukkot Spirit

We received the sukka today  B"H. Thanks again for all  Lema'an Achai's help in organising it! It made my kids feel so "normal" to have a sukka and they got excited to build it and decorate it and thus get into the sukkot spirit together as a family.

May you all be blessed with a healthy and happy sweet new year for all the chessed that you do.

Gmar Chatima Tova.

Thank You for Giving Me a Chag of Dignity

Dear Ashira and the Lema'an Achai Team, I want to thank you for all your help and support in general, but specifically now for literally making my Simchas Yom Tov from beginning to end. When I had asked you if there were any resources available to help with building my sukkah as well as obtaining the Arba Minim, I didn't dream that I would end up with the full support and help that I received. I actually was hoping for some leads at most...  I cannot tell you how Mr. S built my sukkah from beginning to end, with such generosity of spirit.  He came early enough to see what was needed and guided me as to what size schach to purchase, offering to put up  a light as well.  Not only did he follow through, but he also came back this ... Show More

COVID-19 Relief Fund for Tour Guides

Thank you and Lema'an Achai for your generosity. This period of Covid-19 has been very challenging for everybody. Just a few years ago I convinced my wife to leave her work and instead assist me in my guiding work.  Needless to say with the closure of the tourism industry we have had no family income for several months. Torn between waiting and preparing for the return of tourists, or completely remaking our careers again, we have been in a quite difficult situation. Thanks for considering the plight of tour guides specifically, and thank you for the generosity. Your grant actually came at a propitious time and will go a long way to helping our family's finances.  The generous grant from Lema'an Achai will make a big difference now, as our expenses pile up.  I am grateful to the organization and my brothers ... Show More

We are All One People

There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for your generosity and efforts to help myself (and other guides) during this difficult time. As you’re aware that this time of year would normally be a very busy time for us working and guiding people around our amazing country.  Unfortunately, instead, it is a time of challenges, not just financial, that we have never faced before.  Your support and faith in not just us but Am Israel is refreshing, inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  As a father of 3 young girls now into the summer vacation, you have given me a chance to provide my family with some semblance of the optimism and fun this time of year should normally provide. May Hashem continue to bless you and all you do ... Show More

Spiritual Growth

Just to say, I have grown through these Corona Times because of your help and the help from Y. Yes. I have been looking for spiritual growth. Because I have both of you in my life I can be very focused on questions I have about my needs. I am very grateful to all the help Lemaan Achai has/ is giving me! May all your clients succeed as I am succeeding!

All the best to all of you!

You went all the way to reach out to me

Thanks so much Debbie for calling to let me know. 

I didn’t get a chance to check my email and would have missed it. 

It was such a pleasure to pick up a lulav and esrog that I didn’t need to pick out at a stand and try to figure out which is good to buy. Lmaan achai took care of all that. Sooo helpful. Please pass along the gratitude to others at lamaan achai. One more thing I can check of my Bh busy list as done and taken care of, thanks to lmaan achai. 



Happy Family

בס"ד July 5, 2020  To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter as a small token of my appreciation to the amazing organization Lema’an Achai. My family and I have been part of the Lema’an Achai family over the last year. There are not enough words to describe our gratitude. They have been a life saver for us. Unfortunately, last year we went through a big financial loss due to a failed business. Lema’an Achai helped us financially, psychologically and physically. We were provided with counseling, job placement opportunities, recovery advice, and food. We would not be able to do this without them. This organization is unique, because it doesn’t let you become dependent on them. However, it helps you stand up on your feet. Baruch Hashem, today ... Show More

To have our own Sukka...

Dear Lev Hatorah and L'Maan Achai,

There are no words to describe to you how much happiness and what a great avira your sukka brought to our house. Living in a temporary state in a rented apartment it was not worth our while to buy a sukka but that meant that for the last few years we didn't have a sukka at all. I previous years my kids felt like second class citizens, and when everyone was decorating their sukka my kids were on their phones...

So this year changed all of that and we are truly grateful to you! The service was efficient and quick. Thanks so so much. Maybe next year my son can also learn to help build the sukkot if you need. Tizku Lemitsvot.


Lema'an Achai Changed our Lives!

When our health and parnassa circumstances changed a few years ago, we didn't know what to do or where to go! Every day was a struggle and things seemed bleak. A friend suggested we speak to Lemaan Achai. As fairly new olim, we didn't know much about Lemaan Achai but going to see them changed our lives! Meir and all the team at Lemaan Achai were (and still are) incredible! The thoroughness with which they analysed our situation was matched only by the tailor-made caring plan that they created to help us out of our situation. If an idea doesn't work out, they don't wash their hands of you, they double-down with increased drive to help you succeed. The friendly, encouraging, sensitive and non-judgmental approach allows those being helped to still feel dignified, relieved, supported, optimistic and inspired. This is vitally important to build future success. To build ... Show More

You helped us have a true Simchat Chag

To Lemaan Achai,

Saying thank you is not enough to thank you! 

Firstly because you went off your ways to find us a succah on the last minute before the chag.

Secondly because Lev Hatora's bachurim came to bring it right away, were fast, neat, showed simcha for the mitzvah and did a great job building us our "loaned" succah!!!

I can't express our thanks enough and the happiness of my children who HAD a succa for succot when they thought they wouldnt!!! We enjoyed EVERY second of it!!! It was a greatest chessed. And reached our hearts with warmth!

Iashar Koach to all and thank you Hashem for this AM Kadosh and for the unity of this community. 

May we always share in briut and for simchas.



I saw Y today. Terrific session! She gave me a lot of extra time. I offered her more money. She turned it down.

It was so special. The fact I trust all of you at Lema'an Achai and I trust her so much offers me so much help.

Thank you so much for fighting that I got the subsidy to see Y!!!!



Dearest family at למען אחי,

Thank you so much for helping me this year.  To get back on my feet with dignity. I feel you are always there for me. ה' should repay you in every single way.

Yours forever, 

A family member

So much help and support!

Dear Debbie,

Thank you again for your time and understanding. I very much appreciate it.

Avivit was so so helpful today. 

I am so grateful to LeMa'an Achai for all the help and support. One day, when things get easier, I will come volunteer and help other people in difficult situations...

Getting and Giving!

Dear Vardit!

Thanks for the needed and appreciated help I receive AND EVEN MORE(for emphasis) for the chance to volunteer and be of help to others. I just want you to know how much it means to me!

Thanks for you caring ear!

Holy Work

Dear Sirs,

I was very impressed by the presentation made in West Orange last week.  

Please direct this contribution toward your dental clinic program.  May Hashem help you in your holy work to sustain and uplift those needy families of our community.  כל הכבוד!



And The Winner Is....

To the extraordinary Lema'an Achai team -

Thank you SO much for an amazing experience last night with Ari Goldwag.  When we purchased our vouchers, we were excited to participate in the campaign and share the concept behind it with our children.  We shared with them the idea that when you do chessed you gain so much in return; we never imagined it would materialize so tangibly!   Our kids and their friends had a blast during the concert and kumzitz: an experience they're sure to remember for a long time.

We are proud to support an organization like Lema'an Achai.  May HKB"H give you the strength to continue to serve our community and klal yisrael.

Dovid and Amy Krausz

A Year Has Passed

To the  Lema'an Achai family,  A year has passed since I first met your organization…  After my divorce I found myself so alone, faced with a difficult reality. Financially alone, with the children alone, alone with a broken refrigerator, a broken washing machine, and many many more challenges. Then a friend told me about the organization named "Lema'an Achai". For me it is less an organization and more like a huge family of amazing people who are always there to help! Any time I turn to them I find an attentive ear that demonstrates a willingness to help, and I know that they are always there with a friendly face and a huge heart.          So I just wanted to say a few words of thanks to the management that I have not met personally, but you ... Show More

Shana Tova!

To all the wonderful people at Lemaan Achai,

La Shona Tova to all and I wish to thank all of you for all that you have done to help me and my family. 

May Hashem take from strength to strength. 

Blessings always,


You Turned Our Ship Around


I want to thank you for all the big and small help you have been and are giving us. Really playing a key role in helping us turning our ship around, and getting ourselves out of crisis and into a good direction. 

I finally feel hopeful and confident that we are going to make it, not just in terms of finances, but also in terms of our marriage, and being able to raise emotionally healthy children. 

Thank you-you truly find smart ways to help us build ourselves.

One of the best gifts

How to thank enough all the people who worked hard to provide a free handyman for us? Honestly one of the best gift/treats I've received in a long time (last time were putting shelves up, and kitchen faucets, also AMAZING!). Things like these have really improved the quality of our lives, ve emet.

THANK YOU from me and my children!! ❤️

Making Pesach Happen

Baruch Hashem,

Thank you! I had no idea how we were going to manage Pesach. 

We haven't been able to buy anything yet. You are saving our lives...

Thank you! 

I am Making It!

Hi Avrohom I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate all Lema'an Achai have done for me and my family .  From financial advise and support from Matti, help with navigating Bituach Leumi from Meir,  support and emotional help in the form of counselling,  and guidance from your lovely social worker, Purim and Pesach gifts,  and even free legal advise... the list is endless.  My children for the second year are enjoying their time with the "big brother or sister" that Lema'an Achai has provided. It took all of this and probably more to help me leave my difficult marriage and work out how to begin again as a single parent. Being without family in Israel, Lema'an Achai has given that sense of family,  helping me along the way.  Each expert was vital in providing information that helped me make ... Show More

Learning to Help Ourselves

When we heard that Lema'an Achai was giving a workshop on financial management, we decided to attend. We thought that perhaps the seminar would offer useful tools...We had a number of follow-up, private meetings and gradually we are coming to understand our financial situation and how to improve it…One of the best parts is that Matti understands that the process is not just about numbers. It is also about how you think and how you work with your resources. He was able to listen in a completely non-judgmental way and help set us onto a path of positive change…We are very appreciative to both Matti and Lema'aan Achai for this very important service which they provide to the community." E.M.


Thank you so much for the gifts I received for Purim and Pesach. You do so much for so many. Lema'an Achai is a model for other organizations to follow. Kol Hakavod to each and every one of you." L.R.

Your Best ROI

I participated in Leman Achai's chishuvim program last year.
My participation had an incredible Return On Investment (ROI).
The person who delivered the lecture was amazing.  He was successful in taking the home budget and breaking it down to into a number of easy to understand components.
Now for the best part: I was able to take action and lower my monthly expenses immediately.  It was just a matter of a few phone calls and I was already saving money.  Of course, managing a home budget is a never-ending story.  Leman Achai gave me the tools to step up to the challenge, take responsibility and take control of my budget.
Lemaan Achai means Smart Chesed.   Smart Chesed, indeed.


Sderot Smiles

Shalom Rav Avrohom,

I hope you are well. Everything at the Sderot clinic is going very well thank G-d. Thanks very much for coming to visit 2 weeks ago. People here are so happy and grateful for the clinic, and Baruch Hashem really changing their lives actually. Sometimes it's easy to take such a thing as good teeth for granted, but since I've started working in the office, I have seen a few stories that have touched my heart, young women who've been suffering for many years in difficult situations, unable to afford dental care,  that after getting treatments at your clinic can now smile without hiding their face, and eat solid foods. So thanks on behalf of them! 

Thanks for the chesed you do for the people of Sderot. 


A Whole New Life

Coming to the realization that your marriage is at an end is not easy. After years of countless therapy to try to sort it all out, reality hits hard, along with the tremendous feeling of guilt and incompetence. No one can go through those first few months alone. I didn't, because Lema'an Achai was with me every step of the way. I have come to know and to appreciate Lema'an Achai well in the past years. In my four year Agunah fight to receive my "Get" (Jewish Divorce), Lema'an Achai has been there all along. Whether it be coming with me to the courts and lawyers or providing much needed social care here at home, they have helped me rebuilt the backbone that was almost destroyed. Lema'an Achai has helped me stand on my feet once again.As a now single mother of two, including one in need ... Show More

Dearest Family

Dearest Family at Lema'an Achai,

Thank You so much for helping me this year.
"At Rosh Hashana May your family share the blessing of peace and love"
שנה טובה ומתוקה
To get back on my feet with dignity
I feel you are always there for me.
Hashem should repay you in every single way.
Special blessings to Devorah. A huge thank you!

Yours forever,

Matti- Budgeting-what we have gained

I am so grateful that we heard about Matti and were introduced to him and his budgeting system. First I just want to say, Matti is super nice-you can ask the same question many times and you won’t feel dumb. On a simple level, just having your finances organized and being on top of everything, you will catch mistakes, like when phone or internet companies steal from you by charging you for extra things you never signed up for..etc. You will catch mistakes like your car insurance expiring and accidentally not being renewed.. Once we organized our monthly expenses and we saw our deficit as a clear number, it was motivating to try and get rid of the deficit, once you see it clearly, it seems more doable than just thinking “ah we have no money what’s gonna be!” Another thing that made a big difference, ... Show More

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