In The News: Ten Chesed # 3 It's the Little Things

Date: August 2 2016
Publication: Self Published
Author: Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal

Rav Avraham Pam, Z”L once told me that a person does not realize what they can accomplish in even 2 minutes. It is sometimes the “little things” that we do that can have an impact on others and sometimes generations.

I recently met a student of mine who now lives in Israel with his family. He related that he credits me for his making Aliyah. I was incredulous. He told me that when he was in my class he recalls my returning to the yeshiva after a short trip to Israel. Although his family was not particularly Israel “connected”, the enthusiasm that I had when speaking about Eretz Yisrael planted a seed in his mind.

This idea applies even more so to chesed and has been brought home to me during my years at Lema’an Achai.

There are the hundreds for whom Lema’an Achai was literally the life altering experience. Families who were brought through, then out, of financial ruin or family crisis. They too express their deep appreciation. While I don’t expect it I understand why they come to say thank you.

I often meet people that we helped over the years, sometimes with even a minute detail. They express their gratitude and appreciation for “all that we did”. When I recall how we helped, it was very often just to listen to their plight or provide a referral to a government agency or therapist. For me it was a few minutes, yet for them it was the hope and comfort that comes when someone cares.

We should always consider the “loss” of a few minutes of our time, energy or resource against what that small investment could mean to another in need.

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