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Professional help can make a big difference, today and tomorrow.

Lema'an Achai stands firmly behind the belief that poverty entails more than just a lack of funds. The consequences of poverty are complex and include psychological difficulties, marital and family distress, unhealthy habits, concentration and attention problems, and social isolation — to name a few.

Our social workers assess every client closely to understand their unique situation and determine their particular challenges and needs. Recommendations are accordingly made and clients are connected with reputable licensed professionals for subsidized services:
  • individual psychotherapy,
  • marital counseling,
  • family therapy,
  • parent training,
  • remedial tutoring,
  • mentoring, and
  • psychoeducational assessments.
Providing clients access to effective professional treatments ensures them a genuine opportunity to overcome the many obstacles related to poverty.

We find that by addressing the multifaceted nature of poverty people stand a much better chance of achieving and sustaining independence, today and tomorrow, in this generation and in the next. 


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