Basic financial conduct and responsible fiscal management on the road to independence

Managing one's finances in a responsible fashion is a challenge for anyone, more so for young people, whether single or married, beginning their own independent lives. Fiscal management demands thoughtful approaches, understanding of preconceptions, and an acknowledgement of how values and beliefs can affect our behavior as individuals and as spouses. Strong and healthy communication can help us build an effective strategy allowing us to manage our economic life rather than let it manage us.

Financial management is comprised of different elements, in which each one has its importance. It is of critical importance that we are conscious of our financial lives, monitoring changes and progress at regular intervals to synchronize with our long-term goals.

Lema'an Achai's MatriMoney program is geared for young people beginning their independent financial lives to meet the above challenges head on. Participants will be paired with counselors for 4 meetings which will cover the following topics: Credit cards, income/ expenses, smart consumerism, dealing with banks, building budgets, etc.

The cost (heavily subsidized) is 200 NIS for 4 sessions, and upon completion of the course the participants will receive a generous gift.

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