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Kimcha D'Pischa Pesach Assistance 2024

Help ensure that everyone has a kosher and joyous Pesach.

Lema’an Achai assists hundreds of families every year with Kimcha D’Pischa or Maot Chittin (Passover charity) to fulfill their minimal Passover needs, such as meat, chicken, wine, and matzah. 

This year, 5784, hundreds of families from the South and the North, whose livelihood has been affected as a result of the war, have been added to the Lema’an Achai aid recipients' circle. Lema’an Achai has been in contact with them since the beginning of the war and accompanies them until they come out 'from slavery to redemption' - from economic distress back to routine.

Poverty and distress are difficult throughout the year, but the difficulty is particularly acute around the Passover holiday. The feeling of helplessness of parents towards their children, when they are unable to afford to buy the minimal Passover needs, and they enter the Passover Seder night feeling like slaves and not like kings, is a heart-wrenching and painful reality.

We, from Lema’an Achai, appeal to each and every one of you, to open your hearts and pockets, and to donate generously so that also this year, in advance of  Pesach 5784, we can bring the joy of the holiday not only to the hundreds of needy families we have been taking care of throughout the year, but also to the hundreds of additional families affected by the war, and to make them feel like kings, even if only for a few days. And we will continue to help them put the war behind them and return to routine.

A donation to Lema’an Achai Kimcha D’Pischa (Maot Chittin) will bring joy to your home, at least as much as it will bring to these families. We promise you that the feeling of satisfaction and mutual assurance will strengthen your Seder night.


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