Holiday Provisions

Imagine your Holiday table....empty.

Holidays are a particularly difficult time for the impoverished. A period of celebration for so many can readily become a source of pain and shame for those lacking the wherewithal to provide a festive experience for their family. Lema'an Achai works hard to bring the joy back into the holidays for even the most unfortunate in a manner that is dignified, empowering, and economical.

As much as we are all eager for everyone in the community to be able to fully celebrate the holidays, we know just how important it is to make sure the aid is provided in a way that assists clients in a significant way while avoiding the perpetuation of poverty.  We ensure that every person who receives aid packages is also under the care of a professional case manager who works closely to coordinate rehabilitative treatment and foster independence. Lema'an Achai models efficient budgeting by negotiating the best bulk prices from suppliers and organizing neighborhood food donations, arranging staple aid to be discreetly distributed for holidays throughout the year.


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