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Chazak V'Amatz Mentoring

Commemorating Ephraim Moss z"l

Join Lema'an Achai in meaningfully commemorating Ephraim's concern for his friends' and neighbors' well-being and parnassa.  

Upon successful completion of a vocational course, specially trained mentors will help ensure a smooth transition for our clients into the workforce and self-sufficient living. A comprehensive meta-analysis (a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple studies) found that “Regardless of the meta-analytic method used, mentoring was significantly related to favorable behavioral, attitudinal, health-related, interpersonal, motivational, and career outcomes” (Journal of Vocational Behavior, 2008). 

Chazak v’Amatz creates low-cost providers of transitional care—Smart Chesed Mentors—to ensure smooth entry into the workforce and self-sufficient living. These well-trained lay mentors, familiar with Lema’an Achai’s methods and philosophy, will provide moral support, reassurance, and guidance as clients begin to navigate the transition from client to completely independent.

The mentorship will begin immediately upon completion of the vocational retraining—generally after 18-30 months of service—and continue for 12-18 additional months as needed. Supervision by the social workers and/or the director of social services will still be regularly available should professional consultation be required.

The initial mentor training entails 1 month of weekly group meetings and includes frontal lectures and experiential exercises covering four key areas: introduction to rehabilitation, basic counseling skills, fundamentals of financial literacy, and a primer on citizen's benefits and entitlements. Training for the mentors is conducted by experienced social workers. After the first group of mentors completes the training and gains experience, a core group of exceptional mentors will be chosen to conduct future trainings.

Two ways you can help:
  1. Support the vocational (re)training of a client (average cost per course is 4,000 NIS)
  2. Become a specially trained Mentor who will help former clients ensure a smooth transition into the workforce and self-sufficient living.
For more information, contact zfrankel@lemaanachai.org

The Chazak V'Amatz Mentoring Program was initiated with the help of a seed grant by The Maks & Lea Rothstein Charitable Youth Trust.


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