The Zach Myers Healing Fund

A project of the Danni Gaziel Medical Needs Fund.


A Heartfelt Plea from Zach's Parents:  

We are humbly asking you to please help us raise the balance of funds needed to take Zach to the medical clinic in Serbia. These funds will hopefully help cover travel expenses and any other incidentals incurred during his detox from the prescription medication. More importantly, funds raised will also be used for Zach’s follow-up rehabilitation and the therapeutic treatments which he will need long-term once he completes the detox program.

We believe that this is his best chance to Be"H successfully withdraw from the medication, begin healing and return home to his wife and toddler son. Please share this campaign with your family, friends, and contacts through WhatsApp groups, Messenger, sms group texts, and email lists. At this time we prefer that you don't post to Facebook. In Judaism we say saving one life is like saving a world, and, for us, Zach IS our whole world. THANK YOU!

Please have Zechariah Yosef Yisrael ben Elisheva in your prayers for a Refuah Shleima.



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