Danni Gaziel Medical Needs Fund

In memory of Danni Gaziel.

Danni Gaziel, z”l, was the consummate mensh. His infectious smile and positive attitude endeared him to all those privileged to come in contact with him. Even while heroically battling his illness, Danni was always available to help others in any way possible. Danni had a special connection with Lema’an Achai and he was a beloved member of our family.

The Danni Gaziel Medical Needs Fund was established in his memory to provide assistance to families dealing with serious illness. Serious illness affects not just the patient, but the whole family structure. The Fund steps in to provide hurting families with the following services:
  • Logistical: purchase of supplies, cooking and cleaning help, babysitters, educational support and other domestic assistance.
  • Financial: After assessing the family's new situation; organizing a budget covering family and patient financial requirements; presenting financing options and granting financial assistance to cover shortfalls.
  • Emotional and Spiritual: Guidance in obtaining welfare assistance, psychological counseling and religious support.


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