Citizen's Rights Advocacy

If you apply – you may receive. If you don't – you will never know.

Families are often unaware of monies that they are entitled to, and forfeit the subsidies that will help them stay afloat financially.This department was established in 2010 to assist citizens in obtaining government benefits, and entitlements that they may not have been aware of. We educate them about their benefits and advocate on their behalf to receive funds that they are entitled to. To date, this service has helped our clients receive millions ILS in payments and discounts from the Israeli government.

Advocacy with Bituach Leumi (National Insurance):

  • Disability - adults and children
  • Single Parents - child support
  • Maternity insurance
  • Income support
  • Survivor's benefits
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Case Appeals

Advocacy with additional government bureaus:

  • Labor Court
  • Welfare
  • Bankruptcy Court
  • Property tax


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