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Beit Binyamin

Retreat to Revive

In the heart of Israel's turmoil, the Airley family, Rob, Jen and their children, experienced a deep tragedy that reshaped their lives.

Their son and brother, Binyamin Meir Airley ז"ל , was a symbol of bravery, passion, and love for the Jewish land and nation. On November 18th, 2024, he was tragically killed in battle while fighting in Gaza for the Jewish people’s safety and security.

The vision for Beit Binyamin was born from the Airley family’s mourning and resilience. It will provide a beacon of hope and healing, reflecting their deep desire to support those who have bravely served and suffered in the defense of Israel.

The scars of war aren’t only physical; Beit Binyamin will focus on the entire well-being of the defenders of our nation. It will be a rehabilitation center for the soul, a place where the emotional and spiritual wounds of Am Yisrael can be acknowledged and healed.

Situated in the holy, uplifting city of Tzfas, the center will offer an atmosphere to relax and recover, particularly for soldiers who have questions about Judaism – whether because of difficult or inspiring experiences, or even if they just don’t know where to start.

Beit Binyamin will host:

·        IDF soldiers who just finished service.

·        Retreats for less affiliated Jews who want to learn about their tradition.

·        Uplifting weekend gatherings for families of fallen soldiers.

In Beit Binyamin, our soldiers’ wounded spirits will find peace, love, and healing.


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