In The News: Ten Chesed - Piece # 1 - Celebrating Rabbi Leventhal's Leading Lema'an Achai for Ten Years (1st part)

Date: July 12 2016
Publication: Self Published
Author: Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal

Chesed Begins in the Home

Several years ago I was manning a donation booth for Lema’an Achai. A man, with whom I am very friendly, passed by with his three very young children. As was always his practice, the man stopped by, said hello and dropped some coins into the large tzedaka box. He and his children went on their way.

About a half an hour later the same man returned with his children in tow. Each child was clutching something in their hand. A small, roundish piece of paper with some scribbling on it.

Their father explained that the boys, who at their tender age do not yet own money, wanted to “make” their own money to put into the pushke. He asked me if that would be “ok”. I lowered the box to them and each boy placed his “coin” into the box.

They witnessed their parents' many acts of tzedaka and chesed and wanted to imitate them to the best of their ability.

This story took place almost 9 years ago. The boys are budding young men. They are all known for their middot tovot and doing for others. To me it is no wonder. Children wish to emulate that which they see in their parents. As the quote goes” children live what they learn and learn what they live”.

  These children benefited from a home of Torah, middot tovot and Chesed on many levels.

Their faded “coins” and all they represent still occupy a place in my desk as well as in my heart.


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