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Shaul Behr

Participating in Jerusalem Marathon 2018

My Fundraising Goal: ₪1000

₪1000 (100%)

Why I Run

Hey there.

It's your cousin here.

You remember me, don't you? Descendant of your great uncle Esav? Wearer of the original funny three pointed hat? Founder of the "hang 'em high" school of discipline?

Yeah, it's me. Haman.

I know, it's kinda awkward me reaching out to you like this. I wouldn't do it if it weren't serious.

But it is serious. I'm in big trouble. And I need your help.

I'm gonna lay it out on the line. The problem is your friend, Shaul Behr. Or maybe he's your relative or associate or whatever; it doesn't matter. He's causing me no end of trouble.

You know, all my life has been dedicated to causing misery for the Jews. When I don't have the power to attack them physically, I set them against each other and get them to bicker and fight among themselves. ... More

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