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Professional Staff

  • Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal

    Executive Director

    Rabbi Avrohom Leventhal is an educator, public speaker and Executive Director of Lema'an Achai inIsrael. Prior to his Aliyah in 2005, Rabbi Leventhal was a senior instructor at the Talmudical Academy of Baltimore and a director of the Ahavas Yisrael Charity Fund. Since Aliyah, Rabbi Leventhal has been involved in many aspects of communal affairs including rabbinic leadership, municipal politics and national initiatives against poverty. He is considered the leading figure on implementing the Smart Chesed Philosophy. Rabbi Leventhal and his family reside in Bet Shemesh.

  • Ron Allswang

    Director of PR and Marketing

    After years of observing and admiring Lema'an Achai 'from the side', Ron joined the Lema'an Achai team in January 2014. Intrigued by The Smart Chesed Philosophy, Ron realized he would like to apply his experience and knowledge of the philanthropic world to Lema'an Achai. Ron's responsibilities include Public Relations, Marketing and plenty of Fund Raising! Ron and his family made Aliya in 1994, and have been living in Bet Shemesh since the following year.

  • Tanya Schwartz

    Chief Financial Officer

    Tanya has over 13 years experience working as a financial manager.  She is excited to join the Lema’an Achai family and have the opportunity to share her extensive knowledge and experience for the benefit of our organization.  Tanya made Aliyah from Cape Town 27 years ago and has been living in Bet Shemesh since 1996.  She is married to Raphael and they are the proud parents of six children.

  • Ze'ev Frankel, Ph.D.

    Director of Social and Family Services

    Dr. Ze'ev Frankel is a licensed clinical psychologist who made Aliya in 2008. He joined Lema'an Achai as Director of Social and Family Services in 2013. Previously he headed the student counseling center at Ariel University of Samaria.  He has further experience working as a psychologist at Tel Aviv University, at Shalvata Mental Health Center, at Herzliya Mental Health Clinic, and at his private practice in Tel Aviv. Ze'ev earned his ... Show More

  • Rabbi Ephraim Messing

    Director of Development and Community Relations

    Ephraim Messing was born and raised in Chicago. After graduating from Fasman Yeshiva High School, in Skokie, he came to Israel to learn at Yeshivat Shaalvim, then attended Yeshiva University in New York before returning to Israel, where he spent nearly a decade studying under the renowned rosh yeshiva R’ Yaakov Friedman. Ephraim is a sought-after, experienced educator, who has done extensive work with college students at Meor, baalei teshuva at Machon Shlomo, and local youth at ... Show More

  • Meir Crandall

    Head of Rehabilitation Services

    Meir Crandall earned his B.A in 1990 from Yeshiva University and an M.S.W from The Fordham School of Social Work in 1995 with a clinical concentration. In 2012 he completed studies in Individual (Jewish) Life Coaching from Benny Gal. He has worked in a variety of social service settings with numerous populations including children, adolescents and adults. He is currently a staff Social Worker at Lema'an Achai providing case management services as well as parent education and emotional counseling to adults.  ... Show More

  • Debbie Dissen

    Social Worker

    Debbie and her family made aliyah to Ramat Beit Shemesh in 1999 and has been a part of Lema'an Achai since its inception in 2000. Debbie Dissen earned an M.S.W. from Columbia University's School of Social Work in its clinical track, completed a two year post-graduate training at Loyola University of Chicago, and trained in psychodidactic testing and evaluation of adults and children at The David Yellin Teacher's College in Jerusalem.  She has been supervising master's level students in ... Show More

  • Elka Mirsky

    Social Worker

    Elka Mirsky has been with Lema'an Achai since 2006. She completed her bachelor's degree and master's degree in clinical social work at Bar-Ilan University, with concentrations in familial violence, child and adolescent therapy, and juvenile welfare. Elka has extensive experience as a welfare officer working with welfare families and at-risk youth. She has also completed training in trauma interventions conducted by the Israeli Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma.

  • Motti Wiesner

    Financial Counselor

    Motti Wiesner was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He made aliya to Ramat Beit Shemesh with his wife and four boys in 2005. Motti graduated from Touro College with a major in corporate finance. From 1995-2005 Motti was employed by Gemcare Heath Services, a start-up company focusing on acquisitions of long-term care nursing facilities and independent living projects. He oversaw the financial office and created operating budgets and proformas, in 2002 Gemcare Health Services owned and operated five properties. Motti became the CEO of the company in 2003. After making aliya Motti left ... Show More

  • Shlomo Faivlovitz

    Financial and Business Counselor

    Shlomo Feivelowitz has been a financial and business advisor at Lema'an Achai since 2011. He was born in 1947 in Cyprus to two Holocaust survivors. His parents made aliya when he was two-months-old on 29 November 1947. He grew up in Haifa where he completed his schooling and then joined the military where he served in the combat communications intelligence unit. The unit was clandestine and fought in many secret missions. Shlomo began his studies in economics at Haifa University and graduated from Tel Aviv ... Show More

  • Meir Jaffe

    Citizen's Rights Director

    The Citizens Rights Center is managed by Meir Jaffe-former South African who made Aliya 58 years ago.He is married with four sons and twelve grandchildren. For over ten years he has helped families navigate Bituach Leumi, Municipal Offices and Government Ministries to capitalize on their rights. The basic idea is to assist the families to help themselves. An important aspect of his work is helping families of single parents and their children.

  • Heidi Bergenfeld

    Director of Volunteers and Programming

    Heidi is our Director of Volunteers and Programming, leading an "army" of over 200 volunteers  

    Heidi is a high-energy, very talented person with a BA in International Relations and Photography and an MBA,  specializing in non-profit. 

    Her vast experience in management tremendously helps as she juggles many responsibilities, from program oversight to volunteer coordination...and everything in between.

    Heidi made aliyah in 2005 with husband and 4 children and currently lives in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

  • Tzudi Couzens

    Director of Projects and Initiatives

    After graduating from Talmudical Academy of Baltimore, Tzudi attended yeshivas in Lakewood and New York for Beis Medrash. He then moved to Israel to further his studies, and was joined by his family a year later. Tzudi has been involved in kiruv his whole life, and has been involved in youth groups for several years. Tzudi lives with his family in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

  • Shmuel Katz, DDS.

    Director of Dental Clinics

    Dr. Shmuel Katz is a NY trained Dental Surgeon, with over 20 years of experience in the surgical extraction of wisdom teeth.He founded the first Lema'an Achai Free Dental Clinic 16 years ago, to help those in pain, as dentistry is relatively expensive in Israel. Together with over 10 other dentists of all dental specialties, including oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, root canals, they make a great team. The main objective is to take people out of pain so they are able to eat, but they also help people with their self confidence, so they can smile. Over the years, ... Show More

  • Avivit Levy

    Social & Family Services Coordinator

    Avivit has been working with Lema'an Achai since 2004 and is the administrative manager of the social services department. Previous positions include office manager for the chief psychologist of the Ministry of Education, and administrator in the bureau of the CEO of Bezeq. Avivit's married with six children and lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph. 

  • Ella Firbank


    Ella, originally from Holland, is the face that most often greets you at Lema'an Achai, be it in person or on the phone. Ella speaks seven languages, and uses them all with our clients. With her extensive experience in Jewish communal work, Ella provides insight and guidance to our staff. She is the proud mother of five children.