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Lema'an Achai's goal is to give a hand-up, not a hand out. While other organizations often perpetuate poverty by simply providing money and/or food, Lema'an Achai helps families through, and out of crisis. 
Smart Chesed is modern terminology for the Rambam's highest level of charity – namely, to help a person by providing work, a loan, or an opportunity.
Lema'an Achai was founded in the year 2000 by David Morris. It has helped thousands of families in Ramat Bet Shemesh, Bet Shemesh, and beyond.
Lema'an Achai counts on the generosity of good-hearted people throughout the world. Currently, roughly 75% of our support comes from the Bet Shemesh community, 5% from within Israel (out of Bet Shemesh), and 20% from outside of Israel. Lema'an Achai does not receive any government support.
Lema'an Achai's overhead fluctuates between 12-15%, considered excellent by industry standards. 
Yes! We are recognized by the Israel tax authority, in the United Kingdom, and we are a 501c in the USA.
To arrange a tax-deductible donation in Canada contact ron@lemaanachai.org 
Residents living 10% or more under the Poverty Line qualify for Lema'an Achai Services. A professional, multi-faceted 'intake' ensures that this requirement is met and that the family is committed to take the necessary steps to independence.